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Aaron’s USMC Graduation [Company L, Platoon 3088] | Parris Island, SC Photography

My younger, albeit sometimes obnoxious, brother had shipped off to boot camp a little over 2 years ago on August 8th and was due to graduate that Halloween, had a little bit of a fumble while in boot and didn’t get to graduate until November 26th, 2014. He’s now a CPL and is getting ready to report to his next duty station within a few weeks. As I never got to post these, I figure he was since been past due.

Congrats CPL Alexander-Gibbs! <3

graduation1 graduation18 graduation32

Ashley Landers - I love that you were able to document this milestone for him! 🙂 Congrats CPL Alexander-Gibbs!

AGL 8 Knoxville | Knoxville, TN Event Photography

I traveled to Knoxville to cover AGL8 to see where competitive Halo has gone to and how it’s been. Honestly, I had fun with friends + taking photos like I always do, but Halo bored me to tears. Halo put me to sleep more often than anything else during the weekend. Halo will always have a fond place in my heart because it’s how I met my husband, but beyond that, Halo is done for me. Either way, here’s a sneak of the photos I captured of the event. I may be posting the entire event on my Flickr account, we’ll see. 🙂

MLG Anaheim 2013 | Anaheim, CA Event Photography

I traveled to Anaheim, CA a couple weeks ago to cover the Spring Championship at Major League Gaming for eSports Nation. I worked my usual 10-12 hours a day, and was very exhausted in between shooting and walking a mile to and from the venue, but I had fun and got to know a couple of ESN staff members better. 🙂